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Are Anavar Gains Permanent? How to Keep the Results

Landmark Nutraceuticals Co.,Limited | Updated: May 05, 2016

Steroids are a fast and efficient way to get the body that you want without all the hassle of inefficient workouts that do not get you the mass you need. There are a few different steroids that are common when it comes to getting results and keeping them. While most men prefer Dianabol or Anadrol for fast gains, some women find Anavar gains to be just as good without the side effects. This steroid has the ability to get you the more permanent results that you want quickly and easily.

Anavar Gains

Using Anavar for muscle and overall strength is one way that you can get the results that you want without as much hassle as working out with no steroids and no help. Anavar is not one of the faster steroids when it comes to overall gains because it is much milder (Liquid Anadrol is significantly faster than Anavar), in fact only women really use it for this purpose, as it is not strong enough for men. On average, Anavar is used over six weeks. At least with Anavar gains they are usually kept after that.

As with any steroid, any gains that do occur are not going to be one hundred percent permanent. They will stick around as long as you are still working out. There are ways however that you can make your results more permanent and they include things like the right post cycle therapy and the right post cycle routine. As with any steroid, if you completely discontinue the steroid your gains will go down over time and you will have to do more work to get back the progress that you have already made.

Does Anavar Need PCT

If you find the right post cycle therapy you can keep your gains up and you can keep the strength, mass, and definition that you have already accomplished. Since Anavar is a steroid there are some side effects that you may need to watch out for including things like hair loss, bladder contractions that make you have to urinate frequently, breast tenderness or enlargement, masculinization in women, and breakouts. If you are taking the proper dose and really making sure that it is the right dose for you however you should be able to avoid these side effects.

Anavar is a really great steroid for those who want to limit their side effects. It is also a great steroid for those that are just starting out in bodybuilding and need something that is going to give great results without being too harsh or too dangerous. It can help you get results effectively without you having the crippling side effects of steroids that are a bit harsher or more concentrated. Anavar can be a great starting steroid for these reasons. It may not give you the fastest gains, but it will help improve athletic performance.

The Beginner’s Steroid Cycle

Another reason this is a great steroid for starters is that it is widely available and it does come in a wide range of dosages. For those that have never taken a steroid before it is likely that the smallest dose of 20 mg, is going to be right for you. You can also purchase 10mg, 30mg, 40mg, 50mg, 100 mg tablets to help you increase your intake and ramp up your cycle.

You want to be careful with Anavar, as with any steroid, that you pay attention to the dosage and that you are following the cycle explicitly to insure that you are going to get the gains you want without any damage to your body or any side effects that may deter further use. Women may go as low as 10mg ed if they have never cycled before. Check out the best cutting cycles here.

Anavar Cycles For Different Results

anavar gainsYou can adjust your Anavar cycle to get better results that last longer by upping your dosage or pairing it with a testosterone based supplement for better results. You are going to keep your Anavar gains if and only if you find an after cycle regimen that is going to help you keep your muscle mass and your tone up.

Those that want to get faster Anavar gains may be able to take a larger dose. However some people find it’s not the most cost-effective way because Anavar is not cheap per pill. Since the average time for gains to take place is about four to six weeks, it is recommended that Anavar be used for that time period before you decide to use an alternative method or an alternative supplement. Anavar is a supplement that can be used with other supplements like Creatine or Winstrol for a more effective routine.

Dosage For Gains

As with any steroid you should take the time to figure out what dosage is going to work for the gains that you want and for your current body weight and body type as this will help you determine what dosage is going to work best and what dosage is going to get you the overall results that you feel warrant your exercise.


With a good routine and a good steroid cycle you can get the right gains quickly and effectively and you can get the body that you have always dreamed of without having to work as hard as you may if you did not use a steroid or other enhancing steroid like Dianabol.


Anavar is a great steroid for just about anyone that is looking for a product to help them get the gains and the results that they want to achieve and keep without having to work overly hard to do so. Anavar gains come with the benefit of having reduced side effects compared to the more powerful steroids.



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