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How do you know if you get qualified steroid

Landmark Nutraceuticals Co.,Limited | Updated: May 27, 2016

What's your standard to judge whether the steroid you injected is g2g or bunk ?

No.1 Do Labmax test. But this can only show you the thing you get is what it claimed to be. However, it is not able to show the quality of the steroid at all.

No.2 Do Mass spec or HPLC. But many do not have the access to a lab test and it is kind of expensive and takes time. Not practical for most clients.

No.3 Do Bloodwork Test. Most would think this is the best way to figure out the products good or not. And it’s not hard or costly for most steroid users. It shows those numbers very clearly. Except some exceptions and different reasons influence the result of bloodwork test is a relatively good way to show is the steroid qualified.

But there are other ways to know or feel if the steroid is good.

One can feel the change on their body while taking steroid. For example, when do testosterone cycle ,one may feel as the days went on, arms, chest legs all were staying pumped like just did a total body super-set ,or for those during bulking cycle, they may feel getting some nice pumps, great workouts, and seems like weating a lot more too. Also very obviously weight ups.

For the others, side effect might also be a good sign. Let’s take Trenbolone Acetate as an example. Some may suffer serious bad sides of trenbolone such as severe tren cough , tren-sweats , Insomnia. Increased aggression and irritability. However,for some people,the side effect might be not as obvious as the others get. One may suffer from one or two sides rather than all. So side effect is not able to be the only reason to make sure weather the steroid you take is good or not.

If one doesn’t or is not able to do any test, then the easiest way is to find the changes of your body as well as the good sign of certain side effect.



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