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Do You Know The Shelf Life Of Raw Steroid Powders ?

Landmark Nutraceuticals Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

Could you please tell me do you know the shelf life of Raw Steroid Powders? 

Yes , you are right , it can last for really a long time , much longer than semi steroid.

Normally , it can easily last more than 2 years if you store it in appropriate way and also steroid esters in general are very stable.

Some tips for you about saving steroid powders :
Expire time:two years(you'd better used it out within half a year once opened 
Temperature : 8-20 degree
Package : vacuum packing
Surrounding : dry , cool , dark

Hot Summer is coming , the temperature become higher and high,many customers will met a common situation with Test e or Deca,the powders become solid,into small pieces or something else like that when they get it.Pics from our customers as following:

Test e


Please calm down when you see these pics,do not worry about it . 

Melting point of Test e or Deca is much lower than other powders,nearly 30-36°C.It will melt when the temperature reach it melting point,then when the temperature is down,it will become solid.

This situation is very common in Summer,it shows our powders are in good purity and also this won’t damage the quality of products,you can easy-to-use :)

Useful way of solving this issue from our experienced customers:
1.Double Zip Lock bag them, and use a small rubber mallet to break it apart
2. Run smaller pieces through a coffee grinder or blender to reform it into a powder again

Thanks for your viewing and also sincerely hope these info will be helpful for you.Looking forward to have a chance to cooperate with you in the nearest future :)



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