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The Relationship Of Steroid And Bodybuilding

Landmark Nutraceuticals Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2016

Despite what “some” may want you to believe, steroids and bodybuilding go hand and hand with each other. If you are very serious about getting to a larger than life size, you will typically be already taking steroids or considering taking steroids.


Why do steroids and bodybuilding go together so well? Well, that’s quite an easy answer. To get the real life results that are needed for bodybuilding competitions and sports to the perfection that is expected in the usual time allotted, steroids are needed to get you where you want to be. It is easy as that. Now the problem with this is that most people say “he/she used steroids so it’s not real muscle.” I must say, they are absolutely wrong. A real bodybuilder knows the effort it takes, even with steroids to get the results they need.


Steroids will help a bodybuilder recover faster and allow them to build more muscle quicker, or during the cutting and competition season can allow them to cut faster and retain more muscle when dieting down to a low body fat.


A real natural bodybuilder is quite rare. You will never see them winning an advanced competition because reaching that level (retaining muscle while dieting hardcore) without taking something to prevent muscle loss is next to impossible. A natural lifter could take all the branched chain amino acids and creatine till their heart is content, but it still will not deliver the results that steroids and bodybuilding can. That is fact.


Many bodybuilders, when on a bulk will struggle to meet their macros. Steroids will also allow you to eat more and help put those much needed calories to good use. Just the same, when dieting a bodybuilder will struggle losing fat to the level that is needed, steroids will help prevent your muscle loss when dieting to the extreme and some can even accelerate fat loss.


While most bodybuilders do NOT want to share the fact that they are on steroids, it is true that the two are like bread and butter. I think that it’s due to society’s stigma that most bodybuilders do not want to admit they are on steroids. It’s widely said that if someone is taking steroids they’re an addict or they’re cheating. Steroids and bodybuilding are seen in a very, very negative light and I think this should be changed for the future of weightlifting.


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